Professional Instructors

About Kelly Jo Taylor, Owner and PMA – CPT Certified Instructor

Kelly Jo has been doing Pilates since 2006 and purchased Pilates Plus in 2014. She has always been a sports enthusiast, and brings years of fitness experience to Pilates PLUS Studio.

She is an avid runner and competes in many races and marathons. With a degree in Sports Management from Bowling Green State University, Kelly Jo spent 9 years working for the Bulls organization and 2 years at Wilson’s Sports. Kelly also owns her own dog-walking business, KJ’s K-9′s.


About Saskia Nora Bryan

Saskia became a Pilates enthusiast after taking her first class at Pilates PLUS back in 2002. A yoga practitioner for many years, Saskia was drawn to Pilates as a wonderful complement to her practice. As a result, after several years of being a client, Saskia made the leap to instruction by training directly with Eme through her pilot instructor training program at Pilates PLUS. Saskia relishes the opportunity to work with clients so that she can share her passion for Pilates and the ways in which it can help to improve health, posture, strength, and overall feeling. Saskia is also an attorney for a small law firm downtown, and credits Pilates for helping her maintain fitness and relieve stress in what is a mostly sedentary and stressful occupation. In addition to remaining a loyal client of Pilates PLUS, Saskia is also an avid walker and hiker.

About Shane Rhoads, M.S.

Shane K Rhoads has 20 years of extensive experience in the fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation field.  Shane’s diverse background includes working in Professional baseball, College athletics, Spine and back rehabilitation, Physical therapy, Private fitness and Consulting.  The past 9 years Shane has worked exclusively in the Pilates environment helping clients with fitness/wellness, post physical therapy rehabilitation, postural and movement alignment.  Shane has a M.S. ed in Athletic Training, and a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, and is certified as a Post-Rehab Pilates Instructor through Polestar Education.

Outside the studio Shane is a visual artist further exploring themes of the physical body and interconnectivity through painting and sculpture.  Having a strong scientific education combined with an artistic perspective gives Shane a unique approach in working with and educating clients.

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