Teen Pilates and Youth Fitness

During the developmental years of growing young adults, nothing builds core strength as effectively as Pilates training. Pilates equipment, as well as a large variety of smaller core-strengthening tools can benefit everyone from the high-school athlete seeking out a college scholarship to the student looking for a stronger foundation of strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination.

For those children under the age of 13, we have a large variety of fitness props that allow us to achieve all of the above fitness goals without the use of weight bearing machines. We use an extensive catalog of cross-training exercises in a fun and active setting so that health and fitness are seen as an enjoyable extracurricular to continue with throughout their lives.

At Pilates PLUS, instruction can be done for individuals or in pairs and is available before and after school as well as weekends. Call 773-871-3690 for available appointments. There is a 10% discount for all students.

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