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SUPilates: cross-training for stand up paddle boarding using the Pilates reformer & BOSU

Basketball Pilates: cross-training for basketball using the Pilates Cadillac & BOSU

Kickboxing Pilates: cross-training for kickboxing using the Pilates Cadillac

Pilates Pull-Ups: a variety of ways to do pull-ups on the Pilates Cadillac & Wunda Chair

Soccer Pilates: cross-training for soccer using the Pilates Cadillac & balance foam

Swimming Pilates: cross-training for swimming using the Pilates Cadillac

Volleyball Pilates: cross-training for volleyball using the Pilates Cadillac & BOSU

Golf Pilates: cross-training for golf using the Pilates Reformer

Tennis Pilates: cross-training for tennis using the Pilates Reformer

Hockey Pilates: cross-training for hockey using the Pilates Reformer

Skiing Pilates: cross-training for skiing using the Pilates Reformer

Cardio Pilates: using Pilates equipment to increase cardiovascular endurance

Pilates Push-Ups: a variety of push-ups on the Reformer, Cadillac & Wunda Chair

Pilates Expanded Photo Encyclopedia’s

Pilates Expanded Stand Up Paddle Board

Agility Pilates: using agility exercises to improve strength & coordination

BOSU on the Reformer

Foam Roller on the Reformer

Fitball on the Reformer

Foam Roller on the Cadillac

Fitball on the Cadillac

Rotator Discs on the Wunda Chair

Matwork on the double BOSU

Reformer well

Reformer with no springs

Cadillac + Ladder Barrel

Cadillac + Wunda Chair

Indian Clubs

Pilates Hotel Exercises

For more videos, please visit the Pilates Expanded YouTube channel

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